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Why Choose Us?

We know sauce

Afoodable’s main business centres around the extensive range of customised speciality sauces and marinades it makes for key customers. We specialise in removing the complexities of self- manufacturing, allowing marketers the freedom of managing their brands in the market place and not having to be involved in their manufacturing.

The best recipes

All condiment products prepared by Afoodable, are prepared to set recipes. Or formulations formulated either by its innovative product development team, or set by customers’ recipes. The use of natural ingredients supports its versatility to produce condiments for any market.

A turn-key solution

The Afoodable’s team sources bottles, perfects recipes and its laboratory manages the quality control of the finished products. Included are packaging, design and label services where additional support is required. Afoodable has long-term supplier dealings with key suppliers who support and assist in new projects.

Watch how all of our ingredients fits into a great sauce!

Our Best Condiments


Marinades and sauces – a term used for liquid condiments generally used with all meats prior to cooking or after cooking.

Delicious grilled fillet mignon steak with chard.


Salad dressings are traditionally made with a blend of water, vegetable oil, seasonings and vinegar.

Yogurt dressing


We define base products as products that can be used in the preparation of another product.

Bowls of soya sauce